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Metropolitan Pilsner - collectible beer cans
Metropolitan Pilsner, is now available at LCBO...
Brite Nite Longslice Canary District
Longslice Brewery is hosting Brite Nite at The Aviary on October 1st.

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We love to share our story and knowledge about beer. If you would like to talk please message us at

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Sebastian - Director

Jimmy - Head of Marketing

John - Brew Master

Veronica - Director Supply Chain

David - Sales Manager

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Ontario Brewering Awards

Loose Lips Lager

OBA 2017-Silver Medal
OBA 2018-Silver Medal
OBA 2022-Gold Medal 


Hopsta la Vista IPA

OBA 2015-Gold Medal
OBA 2017-Gold Medal
OBA 2021-Bronze Medal
OBA 2022-Bronze Medal

Slickback Stout

OBA 2021-Bronze Medal

The Haunting Red Ale

OBA 2021-Gold Medal

Brand identity

Longslice Brewery is a fun loving company! We love a good pun or a quick tonguein- cheek zinger! This attitude is reflected through our use of colourful beer cans and bold social media marketing. Want to learn more? Click below:

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