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Dreamsicle beer cocktail

"The Dreamsicle" Beer Cocktail

A beer cocktail that tastes just like everyone's favourite frozen summer treat!
Live the Dream(sicle)
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About us

Longslice Brewery : toronto craft beer, canary districtThe tale of Longslice begins with two young hooligans, the Peat Brothers were seeking solutions to stock their high school parties with boatloads of beer. They weren’t yet old enough to buy beer, but they were old enough to buy all the ingredients. And so, with some help from their father, a passion for basement brewing was born. They knew that the time had come to shape their pursuits into a real, bonafide, Toronto-based brewery. Enter longtime friend Sebastian Lesch; a legend among those who know him.


Featured Beers

Aloha Friday Hibiscus Pale Ale

Cake It 'Til You Make It Pastry Blonde

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