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Fun country dance party! Saddle Up!

Longslice Brewery will be at Saddle Up! on June 10th.

Toronto's classic country legion hall dance party is back on June 10th at the Owl’s club, 847 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON. It's the last Saddle Up of the season so don't miss out! Come dance and enjoy Longslice brewery easy-drinking lagers and Ales.

Country dance and Longslice Brewery beers

Photo credit : Ally May Chadwick

Dance to the sounds of Dolly, Willie, Dwight, Shania - and no bro country, while you sip your Longslice fresh tall can.
Make sure to come at the Owl’s club at 10PM as it fill up fast!

Saddle Up Toronto started in 2007 thanks to the NICE PEOPLE COUNTRY DANCING. Saddle Up connects people and welcomes everyone to share their love for the honky-tonk favourites. You don’t need to know country dancing to have fun and cheers together! So join us at The Owl’s, an authentic club tucked away inside an old ANAF hall near Bloor and Dovercourt. It’s a charming, intimate venue with an original parquet floor.

Bring your boots and cowboy hat for a fun, memorable night.

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Live country music

Saddle Up Toronto features a live music set at 10:30PM sharp. This month we are pleased to welcome Big Tobacco & The Pickers. They will play their new country music in the true to old school tradition.
From the rich tones of the pedal steel, to the hot licks of the Fender Telecaster, Big Tobacco & the Pickers will make you start the night the best way you could expect!
The dance will continue on the classic country hits you know and love, so stick around and dance, dance ,dance.

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Loose Lips Lager at Saddle Up

Photo credits : Ally May Chadwick

Longslice Brewery at Saddle Up!

Here at Longslice Brewery we are pround and happy to be part of Saddle Up! since many years! The values that Saddle Up promote resonate to our desire to make people feel empowered to be themselves - no matter what colour, shape, or form that comes in.

We bring our big heavy wooden bar, we put on our Longslice shirt on and we are ready to make your night even more memorable... or not! Come try our easy-drinking, great tasting (not to mention award winning), quaffable great beers!

Longslice Brewery : Toronto craft beer, canary district

Photo credit : Ally May Chadwick

Longslice Brewery a Toronto based Craft Brewery.

Longslice Brewery has been created by two brothers Jimmy and John and their longtime friend Seb when they decided to step up their passion for home brewing. They found their home at the Aviary in the Canary District of Toronto.
John, Jimmy and Seb are a bunch of weird scrappy nerds who don’t take themselves too seriously.

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Meet us at the Owl's club for Saddle Up on Friday, June 10th for some dance, fun and fresh beers, you won't regret it!