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1,2,3,4 you got this! Longslice Brewery at Saddle Up!

Saddle up April 22nd 2022

They're back in the saddle at the Owls Club ANAF hall at Dovercourt & Bloor and we will be there! Will you?

Come to the best country dance party in town and meet us there! Drink the best of the best of Longslice Brewery beers while you dance to all the good tunes, and only the best of the bad ones. No bro country!

Longslice brewery at Saddle Up Toronto

Nice people country dancing! - Photo credit: Ally May Chadwick

Meet us at the Owl's club on Friday, April 22nd from 10pm. Find the Longslice Bar (it's very easy to find, it looks like a bar with the big Longslice's logo on it!) order a can of fresh great beer and you're ready to go. No need to know the steps (we don't) but if you do please come show us!

More infos at:

Longslice Brewery at Saddle Up!

We will be serving our fresh tall cans. They are easy drinking, great tasting (not to mention award winning), quaffable lagers and ales. Here is a picture of our great beers!

Loose Lips larger from Longslice Brewery

Loose Lips Lager at Saddle Up! - Photo credit: Ally May Chadwick

Are you convinced yet? Well you might like to know that there will be a live set too. 


Ginger St. James at Saddle up!

At 10:30pm sharp (be on time), Ginger ST. James will be playing for you her energetic brand of original, sassy rock n' roll! She has a powerful voice, a good sens of humor which always grarantee a great show and fun time! With her original songs and authentic melody you will be charmed. Her repertoire blends blues, rockabilly and country. 

Ginger St. James stands out as one of Canada’s most exciting performers come see why! 


Meet us at the Owl's club for Saddle Up on Friday, April 22nd for some dance, fun and fresh beers, you won't regret it!