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Sunday Mimosas and Brunch

Sunday Mimosas and Brunch

Aviary Brewpub

We can't make brunch for you but we can give you all the tools to have brunch at home! A 6 pack of short cans, a bottle of bubby, our 'Mare-it-at-Home' breakfast bundle, our house made sausages and a couple bottles of OJ so you can make a magnificent Mamosa at home or maybe a raddler or two.  Up to a $70 value for $59.99!

Combo Includes:

  • 1 x 6-pack of your choice: Aloha Friday Hibiscus Pale Ale, Klondike Clarke Lagered Ale, Sky Bison APA, Puns N' Goses
  • 1 bottle of XOXO Sparking Wine
  • 'Make-it-at-Home' breakfast bundle (6 eggs, 1/2 lb of bacon, tater tots)
  • Pack of 2 house-made beer sausage
  • 2 bottles of OJ
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