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Sunday December 15th | 7:30PM | The Aviary Brewpub

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Rules of the game: Sink ships and win prizes! Listen for the coordinates called out by the host. If a coordinate is called and one of your ships is in that square, place a “hit” marker on that square using one of the red bricks. Once a ship has hit markers on all of its squares, the ship is sunk. Yell out “You sunk my battleship!” and claim your prize.

Important - DO NOT CLEAR YOUR BOARD! The game continues until all five ship types are sunk. Once a ship of a particular type has been sunk, that ship is now out of play for everyone until the next game. For example, if Sally at the table behind you calls out, “You sunk my battleship,” because her submarine has been sunk, nobody can win on a submarine for the rest of that round.

Some cards have islands. These are just there because they look cool. If a number is called and it hits an island, this doesn’t effect the game at all.

*** Pints of Longslice Brewery's Loose Lips Lager are $1 off during the game! ***

Everyone gets a free Battleship Bingo card each round, but if you want to increase your odds, additional cards cost $1 (this helps us pay for better prizes).

Cheers everybody! SEA you there!