What Is A Sour Beer?

Beer School: how is sour beer made? | The Craft Beer Channel

Have you ever had the chance to try a sour beer? This style of beer is acidic, a bit dry and so amazing. With warmer days approaching, we wanted to introduce our fellow beer drinkers to this special style of brew.

You may not have heard of it before, but sour beer does exist and it has for a really, really long time. If you are up for expanding your beverage palate, this style of beer is worth experimenting with.

Apparently, making a sour beer, lambic or gueuze, is not as complicated as it sounds. Instead of fermenting the beer with dry or wet yeast, it's exposed to the open air. All the natural and wild yeast that is floating around the air reacts with the liquid during the fermenting process.  

Want to learn more about sour beers and how they are made? We found this handy video that explains the whole process, straight from the country where you can find the most common styles: Belgium.