Longslice Beers

Hopsta La Vista

Spinny Hopsta

A two-time gold medal winner, Hopsta La Vista is perfectly balanced with the rich, malty backbone of an English IPA, and the fruity American hops of a North American IPA.

First place GOLD - Ontario Brewing Awards 2015

First place GOLD - Ontario Brewing Awards 2017

6.5% alc./vol.
Canadian 2-row, Honey Malt, Caramel Wheat, Melanoiden Malt, Toasted Wheat
UK Admiral, Comet, Cascade, Galena
473mL Cans, Growlers, 30L Keg, 50L Keg, 58.6L Keg

Loose Lips Lager

Loose Lips Lager

Silver medalist at the 2017 and 2018 Ontario Brewing Awards! Loose Lips Lager uses 75% premium Vienna malt, giving the beer its unique copper colour and distinctive taste!

Second place SILVER - Ontario Brewing Awards 2017

Second place SILVER - Ontario Brewing Awards 2018

5.0% alc./vol.
Canadian 2-row, Vienna Malt, Caramunich II
Millenium, Czech Saaz
473mL Cans, 30L Keg, 50L Keg, 58.6L Keg

Aloha Friday HPA

Spinny Aloha

This is the luau your taste buds have been waiting for! Blending fruity Azacca hops with the tropical punch flavours of hibiscus flowers, Aloha Friday is the perfect beer to kick off your weekend get together!

4.8% alc./vol.
Canadian 2-Row, CaraPis
355 mL Cans, 30L Kegs, 50L Kegs

Klondike Clarke

Spinny KL5

This here is a nice simple ale brewed with premium Canadian 2-row barely malt. Inspired by the Yukon Territory, it comes on clean, crisp, and refreshing!

5.2% alc./vol.
Canadian 2-row, CaraPils
355 mL Cans, 30L Keg, 50L Keg

Sky Bison APA

Spinny SkyBB

Our first beer brewed on our bricks-and-mortar brewhouse! Sky Bison is a super crisp, crushable pale ale dry hopped with citrusy west coast hops. Hoppy and refreshing, it's a great beer for anytime!

5.0% alc./vol.
Canadian 2-Row, Chit Malt
Azacca, Cascade
355 mL Cans, 30L Kegs, 50L Kegs

Puns N' Goses

Spinny Puns N Goses

Prepare to rock your tastebuds with Longslice Brewery’s first ever kettle sour! Brewed with orange peels, coriander, and sea salt, this brew is refreshing and crisp with a citrusy sour bite!

4.5% alc./vol.
Canadian 2-Row, Wheat Malt
Herkules (Germany)
355mL Cans, Growlers, 30L Kegs, 50L Kegs

Slickback Stout

Slickback Stout

Smooth, dark, and roasty; Slickback is our classic dry Irish Stout. We didn’t reinvent the wheel here. We just made a really, really good beer. If you’ve got a fever, and the only cure is smooth-drinkin’ stout... then it’s time to sip back a Slickback!

5.0% alc./vol.
Canadian 2-Row, Flaked Barley, Roasted Barley
Herkules (Germany)
473mL Cans, Growlers, 30L Keg, 50L Keg